This Abortion Issue Is Driving Me Slowly Insane

I have encountered loyalty in the eyes of other women all around the globe. In dark-colored eyes that are so different from mine. In freckled old faces, and in young wise eyes. Regardless of color, race, and upbringing, there is an understanding that we have for each other. We are the weaker gender, made to be weak not by nature but by man’s law.

I am all women and all women are me. I am the saint, the sinner, the wife, the prostitute, the nun, the caregiver, the lady, the tramp, the migrant woman, the maid, and the diva.

Sometimes I wonder why I still care. I am not of childbearing age anymore. I have nothing to lose other than some sleep over these issues. With every ounce of my being, I want to scream, STOP this insanity. STOP trying to chain women back to their homes, and STOP making women breeders, just because you are so afraid we once really could be equal to men.

No matter how old I am, I will parade the streets for women’s rights in my 60s and my 70s if I have to, perhaps slower but still strong enough to do so.

What’s going on here in the US is almost too much to bare. The last time I saw this kind of extremism was when I visited the middle east. Are we becoming that fanatic and that blind?

The debate about abortion has gotten out of control. Church circles and Ex-President Donald Trump have politicized the issue to such an extent that conservative voters can no longer distinguish between right and wrong. Those who pursue abortion with political intentions use the pain, suffering, and fear of those who are personally confronted with the problem.

Here in the US in the year 2023 right now in some states, women are being sent home because they are (yet) not sick enough to justify the need for an abortion. They are being sent home to get sicker so no laws are being broken when the doctors finally remove a fetus that would have never lived -or save a mother’s life.

How sick is this nation?

Women are suing the state of Texas because they have gotten gravely ill because of our inhumane rulings. Some got so sick, they will have health issues for life. That’s not pro-life!

It is true that 54 percent of Americans oppose abortion on moral grounds, but it’s also true that according to a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute exactly 54 percent support legalization as well.

The Federal Supreme Court legalized abortion as early as 1973. And now after all these years, the question has still not been decided.

It is all about individual beliefs?

How can women wish for a ruling against their own kind? I am not for abortion, never have been, but I am pro-choice.

Freedom of religion, or is it religious freedom? Aren’t religious folks supposed to be more caring and forgiving? That’s the part I will never understand, they so often are so much crueler. So confusing, as religion has become such a big business in America, it has also become more imprisoning to those that don’t wear religion on their sleeve.

Why are mostly male judges passing laws regarding women’s health issues?

I doubt any of them have medical degrees so their judgments are based on their religious/societal leanings? Our highest judges have fallen low, they are now political, religious puppets on a string! What are their decisions regarding the men who create these situations?

Thousands of rape kits are laying untested in laboratories because we are in no hurry to find out who committed these brutal crimes against women, yet, when the rape victim wants access to an abortion pill we are very quick in denying it.

Shouldn’t an abortion pill be part of healthcare?

But then who am I kidding, we continue to look like a very ignorant country when it comes to healthcare.

Perhaps this isn’t a war on abortion but a war on women’s rights to determine their own health care. Now they want to forbid the abortion pill. Are they naive? Do they really think all women will just stop buying those pills? Have they ever heard of a ‘black market’ you know the one where EVERYBODY can buy weed? Everybody knows someone, it’s that simple.

This removal of the right of women to make decisions about their reproductive health care seems to be an attempt to put women back in a limited role in society -reproducing and monitoring the house.

This country is absolutely pulling itself apart by people who want to impose their narrow-minded, medieval views on everyone else, and by doing so they are destroying any premise of what we thought this place could be.

This is who we are!

I really want everyone to stop saying “This is not who we are“ because let’s face the truth here, this is exactly who we are.

Let’s go back a bit -but not too far- let’s begin with slavery and the law back then that only rich Christian landowning white men were able to vote. These men were the wonderful founding fathers who would have no concept of life today. In my not-so-humble opinion, their views as great as they were back then, should not be imposed on people of the 21st century any more than the opinion of sheepherders who lived 3000 years ago.

No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion. It is a choice. Let’s be honest, it’s the last straw.

To force someone else to make the same decision they would make is authoritarianism. Also – the Planned Parenthood clinics provided healthcare, birth control, cancer screening, sex education, HIV test, hormonal treatments, and other things that women (and men) without a doctor/healthcare needed.

The opponents of abortion are not “Pro-Life”, but representatives of the idea of “Anti Choice” –against the free choice of women.

It will play out the way it always does. The rich will find a way, and the poor will be suffering.

The Land of The Free?

For me it’s simple! Freedom means having the right to choose, if a woman can’t choose, then she isn’t free.


31 thoughts on “This Abortion Issue Is Driving Me Slowly Insane

  1. 100% agree.

    In Norway, women have the right to decide for themselves whether they wish to have an abortion during the first twelve weeks of their pregnancy. After 12 weeks it is following consideration by a committee. Abortions are free for women resident in Norway.


  2. Well said Bridget. Why do we think we have the right to force anyone to follow our way of thinking and acting? The hubris of us thinking we know what is best in all situations, must make God cry. We do not have to like people’s choices, but we have to respect their right to choose. What I see going on right now is little different than the control going on in Iran. Perhaps Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale was closer to reality than fiction. Allan

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    • I have such a hard time watching “The Handmaid’s Tale” because of what’s going on here in the United States of America.
      You said it very well, thank you. I always joked that I hope that there is alcohol in heaven, because watching us can’t be easy sober.

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  3. I so agree with you. I think what a lot of pro-“life” people don’t understand is that just because they believe something or choose not to do something doesn’t mean they have the right to force other women to make the same decision they would. Laws aren’t there just for them, laws are supposed to protect all citizens.

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    • The backward thinking is worrysome because it’s not what the mojority stand for, but the thinking of a few who happen to have the power to force it on all of us.
      I am glad I don’t have a crystal ball, because deep down I have a feeling it might not end well.

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  4. We have at least got the legalization of abortion right in this country. There are so many reasons why a woman might choose not to carry a child to full-term and we cannot always walk in her shoes. At the other end of the spectrum should be, I feel, the right to euthanasia. That is another can of wriggly worms!

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    • The legalization of abortion is normal for most of the rest of the world. After all, this is the 21 Centry. What’s going on in the US is sad and very scary.
      As for the right to choice -abortion as well as euthanasia- I am right with you. If you ever have the chance to watch a documentary called “How to die in Oregon” watch it. It’s outstanding!


  5. You’ve said “it” so well that I have almost nothing to add! I just completely agree with you. I have recently felt my blood pressure spike whenever I hear “this is not who we are.” Of course it is! And that’s what’s so depressing. I have teenaged grandchildren who are having none of this nonsense. Of course they and their friends are not yet voting age, but they are informed and truly just counting time until they get their chance to change current trajectories. They’re going to have an awful lot to clean up!

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  6. I stand with you on this issue, Bridget. As you put it so well: “No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion. It is a choice. Let’s be honest, it’s the last straw.” If the opponents of abortion are, indeed, “Pro-Life,” they would also be fighting for gun control and the end of all wars.

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