The Lucky Duck Does Exist

On my daily search for a good morning laugh, I often instead find a smile that warms my heart and lingers for hours. When it reaches my core it shows in my eyes. “Happy eyes” that’s what my husband calls them. Our eyes, the windows to heart and soul, glow and sparkle when we are touched, moved, or feel love.

Yesterday I found “Sunny” the duck and the story is so extraordinarily beautiful, I just have to share.

What a woman! What an animal! It’s so often the ones that are special, who give us a kind of love and tenderness we can’t explain.

A duck!

Go figure! A Lucky Duck!


31 thoughts on “The Lucky Duck Does Exist

  1. Oh my! My smiling eyes have a few tears. This is the most precious story and I’m so glad you shared it, Bridget. I laughed that they even take him on vacation. What dedicated and wonderful people. Extraordinary!

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