I Dare You…


Wow! Speechless. Lost for words but full of emotions.




So short, so deep!

Thousands of years, spot on.

Questions and no answers.


First I smiled, then my smile froze.

I felt awkward.



Yes, many!

Our relationship with nature is off.

We are abusers.

Guilty as charged?

Too late for us?


Can a few make a difference?

I try. Still guilty!

Did you watch it?


21 thoughts on “I Dare You…

  1. This was hard to watch, even in cartoon form. Altogether too true. It’s so easy to be proud of the areas where I feel I’ve done a lot, but harder to confront the areas where more is needed. Ouch!

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  2. Tragically true and brilliantly done! I applaud the creator for summarizing the destructive and greedy path of humans in less than four minutes. Makes me want to return to the desert and not come back. I pray open spaces remain protected.

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  3. If we don’t see the consequences of our actions immediately, we assume there aren’t any. After all, the world is a big place, so if I cannot see any damage then it must be ok. oops. I watch our farmland being devoured by tract housing. I see acres of cows lined up at troughs being fed a scientific formula that allows them to gain an unseemly amount of weight so they can be sold at a price to accommodate the corporations and not the farmers, and the run-off and the methane put into the atmosphere is so toxic it kills everything around it. But, I have no doubt that once the human race goes away, the planet will reform around the damage. We are the only species that will orchestrate our own extinction.

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