Sometimes, it gets too much.

Sometimes, it gets too much.
Too much, nothing. Too quiet. Too much reality.
And then, mostly at night
I write new blog posts in my head.

To compose a better one than the last time,
I go out into the night to do research
for the new story.
Investigative. I’m really good.

Undercover, in my own head.
Then I realize that the new story makes no sense.
It’s part of past memories and present dreams.
A bit blurry
and I erase everything -in my mind.

Sometimes I fall asleep.
Phrases on my mind, remembrances put into words.
The next morning I don’t remember.
I guess it wasn’t important.
Maybe I need a notebook on the nightstand?


34 thoughts on “Sometimes, it gets too much.

  1. Heavy burdens weigh upon my weary soul,
    Sometimes it gets too much, taking its toll.
    But I find solace in resilience’s console.


  2. We know you do your research and you definitely compose your subjects with skill, so I think all that late night processing aids polishing your words even if some of the effort is subliminal. It isn’t good for your sleep, perhaps, but it’s interesting how your mind works, Bridget. I love the poem.

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  3. Ah night, when the quiet brings out every imaginable thought that stays hidden away during daylight hours. I have been taking magnesium, will try what you suggested. My dreams are filled with work, our problems by day don’t want to give rest by night.

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    • It seems our nightly thoughts are something that can’t be tamed.
      Try the “Calm” it works wonders and/or if you can take Melatonin gummies, try those. My husband swears by them, so does my friend. Sadly, I cannot take them because I have RA.


  4. You’ve spoken volumes Bridget. So often, I will lay awake at night, solving all the world’s problems and writing brilliant blog posts, only to wake up and not recall any details. The most dangerous thing any of us can do, when we wake at night is turn our brains on. My former co-worker used to have a notepad by his bead and jot stuff down, every time he woke up. That would just make it worse for me. Happy Monday. Allan

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  5. I used to keep a notebook beside my bed and use it often to pen stray thoughts, but one time, after scrambling in the middle of the night to find a pencil in the dark to write down my thought, and reading it next day, I was done with it. I still have no idea why I wrote “Commitment is the flag that has ostriched the ground”. Other than being confused for days on end, nothing came out of it. I just ended up hurting my neurons more for no reasons. ๐Ÿ˜•

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  6. I could so relate to this post!!! I find that my writing ideas always come at the most impractical times, especially when I am in the car for the three-hour trip to see my Mom. I never remember what I cannot write down (and yes, I do have a notebook) but obviously, itโ€™s crucial that I watch the road while I drive ๐Ÿ™„ For some strange reason, writing ideas will also pop into my mind when I am (ah-hem) โ€˜tryingโ€™ to meditate ( a new addition to my life in an attempt to relieve stress). At night, my brain runs nonstop like a hamster on a wheel but I rarely get great writing ideas – just a lot of pointless worrying ๐Ÿ™„ And no, meditating at THAT hour does not seem to work, so no need to leave the notebook beside my bed…

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