The Oldest Person in History to Became King

King Charles the III, formerly known as Prince Charles, waited a long time to be king, perhaps too long? The royals in Great Britain, a business, a tourist attraction, a family as dysfunctional as many of ours, crowned their new king and queen.

King Charles’s coronation was a three-day extravaganza of ceremonies, full of celebrations and tradition.  The long weekend was expected to cost British taxpayers at least £100 million (round about $125 million).

While Brexit turned into Bre-gret for many, and while a considerable amount of small businesses in England are struggling, or went belly up after they found out that the trade business got trickier without the European Union, while many grocery shelves in the UK are empty because export and import is now more complicated, and while the world around them is crumbling, the Royals celebrated their new monarch.

My neighbor, usually a fan of the royal rumble, did not watch. “She is a homewrecker, and he is a cheater,” she told me when I didn’t ask. She has the tendency to give me the news and her opinion without me asking for it.

She wanted to know if I would watch the royal circus on TV, which amused me endlessly. You would think she should know me better.

But what hardly anybody knows is that I listened to Queen Elizabeth’s New Year’s speech every year, and appreciated her grace, her wisdom, and her optimism, especially in the last years when politics here in the US got too loud, too nasty, and too unreal. I needed some stability -even when it came from far away.

I didn’t tune into King Charles III’s speech this year, and I didn’t realize it until just now. I can’t even say why, it’s like I have no use for him and it didn’t even cross my mind. May the Royal Rumble forgive me!

I chuckled when I heard that his 75-year-old wife Camilla, the love of his life, will be crowned Queen. They had a hard road to walk before their love found approval. They know each other for over 50 years and now their love got a happy ending. Together on the throne, until death will take one of them away, which, depending on one’s beliefs, might just be temporary -or not.

I do wonder if such an old king is good for business, because let’s face it, that’s what the royals are. A brand, a business, a firm with lots of money. There is much at stake, and because of his high age, I just assumed Prince Charles would give up his right to be king so his son William would become the new king, and would reign for decades to come.

Turns out he doesn’t even have the power to do that. While the right to be king (or queen) is an inherited right within the family who believes their blood is oh so different and more valuable from ours, the right to deny the throne is not in their hands but in the hands of the parliament. Go figure, they really have no power whatsoever.

I assume Great Britain will accept King Charles III. and all the royal fans will cheer for him and celebrate him and Queen Camilla as they did with Queen Elizabeth II. and Prince Philip by her side.

Deep down inside me, the core that’s not as old as the number on paper proves I am, I do wonder what the British youth thinks?

I look at the House and Senate here in the United States and I would love to not just send some, but many of them into their not so well deserved retirement. I writing not deserved not because I am sarcastic or cynical (which I can be) but simply because most of them hardly worked during their lifetime at all.

When I look at our next election then it seems to come down to a fight between two old white men -again. The President then will be 81 and the defeated Ex-President will be 78.

For the longest time, mainly because I was young, I thought age is just a number, and then I started aging myself. Let me tell you, it’s not just a number, it’s a real downslide from youth into an older version of the young woman I once was.

I defended the theory that one is just as old as one feels in their mind until my head got older as well.

Don’t get me wrong, aging is beautiful, considering you are healthy enough to have a wonderful quality of life but it is different from being young or middle-aged. I will turn 60 this year, which I find hard to believe, even though I think it’s extra special to be that age because too many of my friends have already left.

I can work as a horse, but I feel it for days afterward. I can still run and goof around, but there is a price to pay. The mind gets slower, and the body enjoys resting a bit more.

So what do I think about a 74-year-old king and an 80-year-old President?

Or more importantly, what do you think?

To be honest, I couldn’t really articulate what I was feeling, and couldn’t pinpoint my mixed emotions, until I read a comment in the New York Times.

If you think age doesn’t matter:
How do you feel if the surgeon who will operate on you or your loved one would be 81 years old?
How would you feel, knowing that the pilot who flies your plane is 74 years old?

Without hesitation, I have to say in both scenarios I would prefer a (much) younger one.

I believe in wisdom, experience, knowledge, and understanding. I believe in tolerance and patients. I believe in listening and hearing. I believe parts of me got better with age. But, I also believe in tiredness and a natural slowdown caused by aging.

I believe, just because you think you can, doesn’t mean you should!

I wish we would have an age limit for politicians and judges as well as a term limit. Nobody should be appointed or voted into a public position for life.


32 thoughts on “The Oldest Person in History to Became King

  1. I admit I’m a bit all over the place on this subject, Bridget. My Scottish grandmother instilled an interest in the royal family that I’ve carried my whole life. I admired Queen Elizabeth in many ways, and have actually through the years felt a little pity for Charles., my reasons probably a little complicated. I tend to believe Harry and Meghan, and as an American, can’t really understand the mechanics of what they all refer to as “the Firm.” I watched the royal coronation festivities with half-interest, and think that even with my years of being a royal watcher there’s little interest for me now. One thing for sure in my mind, however, is that I can’t criticizing anything in the UK. We may pride ourselves here in the U.S. that we don’t have a monarchy, but we have a government filled with people I believe have less personal honor than anyone I could point to in the royal family. It’s such a good “table talk” topic, though, isn’t it? If you need to start a dialogue in a slow to warm up social situation, this one will get it going. LOL!

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    • I admired Queen Elizabeth as well, not so much as queen, but as a woman with principles and the discipline she showed was simply remarkable.
      We might not have royals here in the US but we surely treat (and admire) some like they were. Perhaps humans need someone they can put on a pedestal?


  2. Most younger Australians find Charles irrelevant as do I. I have no respect for him or the spoilt brat type shenanigans many of them seem to delight in. I feel sorry for Megan and disgusted by the way the Royal family and establishment treat their in laws. The clips I saw of Camilla at the Coronation made her look farcical, dressed like some kind of vestal virgin. She is no Quern to me. If anything The Diana story should be a way to bring awareness to bulimia, instead of a fascination with her beauty. That is enough of the Royals. I was glad to see the ‘show’ didn’t figure prominently in the media here.
    Enjoy your milestone birthday. Mine lasted for a month, instead of one big party. I enjoyed it so much better.

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    • “Irrelevant” outch 🙂
      I agree, Princess Diana should be the ‘spoke person’ for bulimia. I never got the hype about her. My birthday is in November and will be no big deal, as usual, or perhaps this year I will make a big deal out of it. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

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  3. Chuck was a victim of his Mother’s longevity. Imagine being groomed for a job that does not come until you are well past retirement age. The divine right of kings is likely a thing that will fade away in 2 generations. Perhaps they can make the post more ceremonial like other countries have. As to politics in general, the current U.S. system confounds me, but I have no right to talk about it. Canada’s system on the surface seems a little more civil, but as long as people vote for the uniform (red or blue in the U.S.) or (red, blue or orange in Canada) rather than the qualities of the person or the policies of the party, we are all doomed. In Nunavut and perhaps N.W.T. they do not play party politics. They vote for the person they want to represent the people in their riding. The elected people all vote to elect the person they feel should be premier (leader of the parliamentary group. It seems to work well, in that they advance the items that are important to their electorate and have to cooperate with the others to advance their cause. Cooperation is better than name calling and confrontation. Good topic for discussion. Allan

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    • Honestly, I feel sorry for Charles. As you said, it must be terrible to be waiting to fulfil the duty you were raised to fulfil and then the day never comes, or comes when it’s almost too late. He is not very likeable and neither is she. While I wish them all the best, I am not interested to watch, listen or follow their news in any form or way.

      Sadly, it’s here the same -perhaps even worse. People follow parties blindly and they seem to have forgotten to think on their own. I always joke (but actually mean it) when I state: “I am an independent woman and an independent voter.”

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      • I like you. We are going through a provincial election here this month. Our Premier has described herself as a Libertarian and she idolizes Ron Desantis. Still, she has the biggest Government cabinet ever, considers the anti-vaxers as the most discriminated group ever, compares those who took the vaccine to Nazi sympathizers and has party candidates who compare transgender children to feces in food. She has breached the ethics guidelines trying to get a preacher who espoused terrorist rhetoric at the Freedom Convoy blockade out of the legal charges against him. My God, why can’t we be civil, thoughtful, practical and sensible. Criminals are criminals whether they are individuals or members of Government. Fingers crossed humanity gets smart one day.

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  4. Like your neighbor, I’m also a “fan of the royal rumble,” and did not not watch the coronation ceremony for similar reasons. I had hoped that Prince Charles would step down and lead the way for his son William to be king. I had no idea that he had no saying in the matter. The British parliament must either consider the old King Charles III good for business or that Prince William is not yet ready to hold the top post.

    I also wish “we would have an age limit for politicians and judges as well as a term limit.” Look at our current conflict over California’s Senator Dianne Feinstein’s failing health and her refusal to resign. She will be 90 years old next month.

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    • The request has to come from the one that would inherit the throne, in this case the former Prince Charles could have requested to give the title to his oldest son. The British monarchy is a constitutional monarchy. Not even the Queen had the power to skip Charles or appoint anybody but Charles.

      It’s a cruel business. I just shook my head when I ‘had to read’ that William has to bow before Queen Camilla -as do all other royal members. Too funny! I bet the like that 🙂 I wish I could ‘block’ certain news.

      I am was of the biggest admirers of RBG but I wish she would have stepped down when it was time. An age limit or term limit is needed. Senator Feinstein is a good example.

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  5. My father was a pilot. My oldest daughter accompanied us as we flew to South Carolina to watch my youngest daughter graduate, and due to weather, we didn’t get there until the graduation day. It was a long flight, and due to the fact that my father had inadvertently mismatched the longitudinal lines when linking the 4 maps together in doing his flight plan, we got lost. We landed in Chattanooga, TN, and got directions and by the time we got to the airfield, it was dark. The airfield was in the middle of town so we had to discern which were streetlights and which were runway lights. We almost landed on a road, in someone’s back yard, and on the railroad tracks before we found the airport. We had similar near-misses on our trip home during the day. When we landed at home, we were flying on fumes as he had not refilled the plane on the return trip. That was his last flight. He was 83.

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      • To be sure, we never even gave it a second thought as he’d been flying for 60+ years and he was lucid and had been living on his own and driving without a problem. He sold his plane, then 2 years later we moved him to assisted living and put his car in the garage at his house so he couldn’t drive himself.

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  6. As a Brit who isn’t much of a fan of our Royals I’m having difficulty phrasing a response to this, and in particular to some of the comments. You are all, of course, entitled to your opinions, as am I in wondering why it even matters to you!

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  7. I think age is an important component for presidents or prime ministers because if you choose too old or too young, and the majority of the voting public is neither one or the other, it makes it kind of difficult to keep things somewhat sane for the middle of the road aged families. It’s those families who keep the economy rolling, no?

    I wrote this on the fly and I have no idea if I believe this tomorrow or the next week or month, but neither Biden nor Trump should be president again regardless of the fact that they are too freaking old.

    I think most of us want some fresh blood. Might be nice to have a leader who has life experience and understands the working class and isn’t unhinged or on the verge of collapse while standing on a podium. 🙄You know?

    As far as Britain is concerned? Queen Camilla is running the show over there and things have already deteriorated so much that I have lost all interest. Given that my interest, was it about 0.5%, there wasn’t much to lose, but they are both gross. Camilla has no class and doesn’t seem to give two hoots about public opinion orpopularity. I wasn’t a fan of the monarchy or Queen Elizabeth but I appreciated her grace and poise. She played her role well for 70 plus years, something I can admire.

    I do recall reading an interview of Prince William some time ago that he had very little desire to carry on the tradition as king. I actually feel sorry for him/them more than I feel sorry for Charles and Camilla. I took in some glimpses mostly on social media of the coronation and both of them look extremely bored, borderline frustrated and pissed off. Their expression and body language seem to say *let’s get the shit done so we can get on with our life and do what we want*.

    Anyway, I have no idea how things will progress, but at least it’s blog fodder for us. 🥴

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    • I am from Europe, so I have always gotten ‘info’ about the royal families from early childhood on. While I never bought the magazines, I always picked them up when I was waiting in the check out line or at a doctor’s office.
      I have a soft spot for Queen Silvia from Sweden, because her story is just so unique.
      I find the history of Austria, the country where I am from, and the story of Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) very interesting.
      Here in the US we get one-sided information only. It’s the British Royals and nothing else.
      Like you I have very limited time and my attention span is rather short when it comes to royal gossip or any other celebrity news. Simply put: I don’t care! 🙂
      What bothers me most, it seem I can’t avoid it. It’s everywhere.

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  8. You raise interesting questions. Not a fan of more rules and have to. People need to think for themselves and be reasonable. I have no respect for Charles and Camilla, one is worse than the other, and together they destroyed Diana. Age? Some of us age well, others. . .not well. Arrogance, ego, entitlement and misuse of power are more red flags. . . just saying, claudia

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    • I am not too much into the royal rumble -never have been but I think that Charles always loved Camilla, but the royal family decided (for him) that he had to marry Lady Diana. She seemed so much more suitable -and was more liked. She had the innocence that attracted people to her.
      If that is the truth, then I feel sorry for Charles. I cannot imagine being ‘forced’ or talked into a marriage against my will. I don’t think that is fun, also I think it’s hard to not live out your true emotions. Perhaps they were just tragic lovers being forced to live separated lives. I never understood the “Diana Cult” nor do I understand any other worse shipping of celebrities’, so I can’t really comment on that -or her life.

      As for arrogance, ego, entitlement and misuse of power…yes, yes, yes and yes.

      Thank you, Claudia for reading and commenting.

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