When you decided to leave

all of your past behind,

flags paraded on the streets

and you saw freedom;

you poured out your resentment on the street,

but freedom was not yours.

When you decided to start

also worrying about yourself again,

with her, you thought you were finding

your breath of freedom once again;

with her you awakened your heart a little,

but that wasn’t freedom.

Now that time has robbed you

of those flags and her as well,

there’s nothing but the now-faded sound

of that cry for freedom of yours;

there’s nothing but the now blurry face

of hers, a dream of freedom.

The Italian “Red Head” with the most beautiful voice. RIP Milva

8 thoughts on “Freedom/Liberta

  1. What a lovely woman with such a beautiful voice. I’m so glad to have been introduced, Bridget. When a performer goes by one name it usually points to their popularity!

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