Female Logic?

I just spent $65

ordered three T-shirts

which I will be using

instead of wrapping paper

which I refused to buy

because the recycled birthday paper

hold your horses

would have cost $15.

Is that logic or what?

Sometimes I amaze myself!

Happy Friday!

Now I need something to make environmentally friendly bows out of.

May the force be with me!


15 thoughts on “Female Logic?

  1. When I “covered” Christmas presents last Christmas, I only used gift bags recycled from other celebrations. My son-in-law received his outdoor clothes suitable for a lumberjack in a pretty pink princess bag covered in sparkly bling.

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  2. I have used a variety of materials for wrapping Christmas gifts: pesky colourful advertising pages that bulk out newspapers; old calendar pictures; sacking; tissue paper that comes with new shoes; and recycled gift bags – some get used over and again.

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    • You are just perfect, Anne. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I normally use new dish towels, mostly for the presents for the ladies. I don’t have newspaper anymore, ever since I learned it’s the best week cover for our flowerbeds (and I switched from real newspaper to digital). Calendar pictures are too small, so I thought I look into recycled b-day paper sheets (which are beautiful) but too expensive.
      It just tickled my funny bone that I didn’t want to spend $15 on paper, but spent $60 on t-shirts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. But the T-shirts would be worn many many times and the birthday paper thrown out. Sooooo, buying the paper for a single use $15, buying the t-shirts for 65 uses ends up being $1. And (bonus) whoever gets the presents thinks of you when they use the present AND when they wear the t-shirts.

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          • Nah, it’s simple. Never throw anything out…ever. Although my kids have scheduled a “Hoarding Intervention” for next week sometime. Guess I’d better clear a path. Oh LOOK! There’s the recycled Birthday wrapping paper! It really is recycled because I wrapped something for my husband in it. He carefully unwrapped it, so then I used it for my son when he was here, and I will probably use it one more time, then make a decoupage or some art project or use it as mulch for my tomatoes… Pay no attention to that mad laughter coming from my house.

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