I started writing when I gave up smoking, started blogging, because the subject was important to me -until then I didn’t even know I liked writing. That’s why my blog is called “The Happy Quitter”, because it all begun when I gave up smoking after 35 years.

This section of my blog might interest you, if you just gave up smoking as well; or if you decided to do so in the future.

“Every time I get used to something, I turn around and she changes it”, that’s one of my husband’s favorite’s statement. “She” would be me and “he” would be the wonderful man I am married to, and, as much I hate to admit it, “he” would be right. I have rearranged our living room -again- just recently and surprised him with it. His second favorite statement about me is a little bit more private. “I wake up with a brunette and go to bed with a blonde” a humorous remark, about how often I changed my hairstyle and the color over the last 30 years. What can I say, “addicted to the bottle” might come to mind :-).

I was wondering about my blog, I would like to keep it alive. I can tell by the emails and views of my older posts, that there are still many smokers out there -all over the globe- who want to quit as well. There is still so much to talk about, that involves the tobacco industry and the politics around it. There is always “smoking news”, especially when it comes to the industries newest toy the e-cigarette. I would like to continue to write about it, but not on a daily base.

I did what I wanted to do; I paid it forward for one year and stayed focused in my quit by doing so.

BUT…there is so much more to The Happy Quitter than just my smoking past. I am a goofball with serious moments, or a serious goofball. I am a rambler and talker, a student and a teacher, a reader and a blogger. I have so much on my mind and none of it has anything to do with smoking. Books, music, history, places I visited and cultures I was allowed to explore. I am an agnostic believer, a feminist, who believes in spoiling her husband rotten. I am an animal activist and a first generation immigrant. I was born and raised in Europe and English is my second language. So, please be gentle with me and kindly overlook all the mistakes I am going to make…and yes, you might “hear” an accent now and then.

I am a European in America. There are some tough subjects, that I would like to write about. There are humorous stories that I would like to share.

So, guess what? I am going to rearrange my blog a little bit. Will change the categories, will throw stuff around and will bug you all with the new ideas :-).



I can’t believe it, but my little blog got named on of the Top Smoking Cessation blogs 2015 and 2016. What an honor it is, thank you Healthline!

>>>link to the nomination 2015<<<

>>>link to the nomination 2016<<<

135 thoughts on “About

  1. You can feel you have done a real, tangible service to mankind.

    Did you want me to send you a physical copy of my book Border Line. It would be a present with NO obligation to read. If you email me at threadgoldpressATwaitroseDOTcom, we can then communicate off-blog. Hilary

  2. I smoked for many many years and never gave up.
    I just haven’t had the next one for about 20 years now.
    I believe there are a million ways to do anything that we really want, and need, to do.

    • How interesting. My husband just decided to take an indefinite smoke-break one day before his birthday this year. He is now 100+ days on this break and he is doing great. I truly believe that we outgrow things -if that makes any sense at all.
      I smoked for 35 years, my better half for over 40 years. Maybe there is just a point when we don’t see too much sense in it anymore anymore?

      I went to a smoking forum, not for support, but because I had questions. They pledge every day N.O.P.E (Not One Puff Ever) and I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t plan on quitting it just happened somehow. Never ever…seemed too far stretched. So, I pledged SNOT instead (Smoking Not Optional Today) and got the giggle out of it.
      (Sorry for the novel)

      • Outgrow might be an apt word here, dear lady, because people who have tried for years often stop for the flimsiest reasons.
        On the flip side, I once knew an absolutely wonderful lady who gave up almost every year, and I am embarrassed to say I always prayed that she would start again.
        She was just unbearable without it.
        And if you are apologising for ‘SNOT’, you are clearly deluding yourself as to my level of maturity.
        My alter ego once wrote this:

  3. I like this ‘about’ and very nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog, I will certainly take time to visit yours as well. I hope your day is a happy one! 🙂

  4. It is truly nice to find out more about you and thank you for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. I think your English is great and I can say that with authority, because I used to be an English teacher. I’m finding that writing every week is helping me to improve my own English and my writing style, so keep writing. People appreciate caring voices like yours. Thanks, Clare

    • Clare, you just made my day.

      It’s nice to find my own voice in writing. I worked as a translator and interpreter for many years, and always had to focus on what others had said or what they had written.

      Now it’s my turn.
      Thank you,

      • Leider spreche ich nur ein bisschen Deutsch(aber ich habe Verwandten in Deutschland und Schweitz).
        Parlo un più d’italiano. Ho cominciato imparare l’italiano quando imparavo parole sulla televisione italiana.

      • You speak more and better German and Italican than many here in the U.S.

        Learning a second language is fun, but it has it’s confusing moments.

        Wir koennen gerne in Deutsch oder Italienisch kommunizieren, nur wuerde ich Dich bitten dann auch den selben Text in English zu schreiben. So mit fuehlt sich keiner ausgeschlossen. (Translation:
        We can communicate in German or Italian , but I would like to ask you to translate the same into English as well. This way none of my readers and blogging friends will feel excluded .)

      • Alto Adige or Sudtirol? not that it matters, just curious, you’re a European in America. I’m sort of the other way around, sort of, so I think I’ll be dropping in here again. I gave up smoking cold-turkey long time ago. BTW, did you also read Tintin (apart from Astérix)?

  5. Thanks for the follow. I checked out your blog, and I love the layout, it’s a great theme, I might see what mine would look like, like this. I’m not too good at the technical stuff though. I’ve never smoked but admire people who give up!

  6. I knew I had to check your blog when I read your comment at Diane’s place 😉 And what an absolute pleasure 😀 I can relate to you in sooo many ways ( hint- hair coloring,rambler,talker 😉 ) I am so excited to jump into your followers bandwagon. And kudos to you for giving up the one habit which is deemed as a very difficult addiction to give up and to actually write about it ! 🙂 Cheers and warmest wishes, Minaxi ❤

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  8. Quite an interesting story you’ve got here. And you tell it in witty ways. And congratulations on the quit smoking.

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