Not a Founders Favorite or a Golden Cow!

Piggy bank Jokes

Please explain inflation
Why do prices rise
For when I go out shopping
They change before my eyes
I just don’t seem to get it
Why some go up and down
Why a red car’s more expensive
Than a new car that is brown
I tried to do some simple math
I went back to the books
Now I think that all economists
Are just white collar crooks

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I Love The Broken Ones…Too

Rust and a wilted rose strike me as a perfect composition.

The more pictures I take, the more am I surprised by my taste. Is it even a taste if you like things that are broken, or does it mirror my character, because in real life I fight frantically for the underdog, the broken ones, the forgotten, the minorities, the overlooked, the misjudged.

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Flying with Horse Apples

Optimism is the best way to see Life! 🤩🤩 - Road To Prosperity | Facebook

I want to tell you this story about the two brothers—small boys—one of them a confirmed pessimist, and the other a thoroughly “blooming optimist.”

The father of these boys had tried in every way possible to equalize the natures of the boys, but with no success at all. So, when Christmas time came around he was very careful to purchase for the pessimistic one everything in the line of toys and outfits that he had at any time expressed a wish for. In the stocking of the optimistic youngster, he put only a dried out horse-apple. 

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