N.O.P.E. the daily nonsmoking pledge…


I follow another ex-smokers blog and his post today made me aware of the fact, that I never talked about the daily N.O.P.E. pledge here on my blog. One of the most important tools there is and I didn’t mention it at all. Bummer! Well, I am not going to write about it today either, instead I will lean back and send you all to his blog…because he explains it much better than I ever could. Continue reading


Because you are a child…

  • It’s bad for ya
  • Because you are a child
  • You are too young
  • Because I am stupid
  • Because I am an addict
  • You are like my brother
  • I wish I would have never started it
  • Nooooooooooooooo

It’s just an experiment, but it’s interesting to see how adults react toward a kid who asks for a light.

I was one of them and I would have reacted the same way. I was very young when I started smoking, only 15 and I hung onto it for 35 years. I wouldn’t have given a kid a lighter or a cigarette my answer would have been

  • Because I don’t want you to smoke

BTW…Kudos to the woman who took the cigarettes away from him. Way to go!

The Craving Experiment By Cortland Pfeffer and Brian Francis

Positive 2014

I had a very interesting week at an addiction recovery center. It was not just a challenging and interesting project to work there, it was although an eye-opener for me. Am I an addict or not? Is smoking an addiction or a dependency to an addictive substance? Do I classify as addict, because I smoked for so long?

I found a lot of answers this week. I am glad I I didn’t believe everything that I heard at the quit smoking support boards. I will sort this all out…in the meantime I just had to re-blog this. Eye-opening…Good job…well done! Continue reading

Quit smoking online support….don’t do it alone!


I would like to give future ex-smokers an advice! When you quit smoking……..don‘t do it alone! Make sure people support you in your home and at work. Tell your friends about it; don’t just assume everybody will know how you feel. The internet is a blessing, read and research as much as you can. We are all different! What works for me might not work for somebody else and vice versa. Fighting an addiction like smoking is different for everybody! Continue reading