An Old Wiener Dog

The On-Line Buzzletter: Update: Our 16 Year Old Dachshund is Drinking Water  Obsessively

Last week I met an older lady and her senior Wiener dog. She had brought the dog with her, “He doesn’t like waiting in the car,” she informed me and I told her it was fine with me. Our dogs were sleeping somewhere in the house.

“What’s his name,” I asked her and started padding the dog.


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An English Hell Just for Foreigners


If English is not your first language, you will struggle with some words. Like brussels sprouts. You hear all the time, “I hate brussels sprouts,” and you start to wonder what the poor guy did. Everybody talks about him, he must be a celebrity.

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A Happy Marriage Against All Odds!

Funny Marriage Advice From Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman | Real Simple

Marriage advise! Haven’t I read them all and guess what? It’s a miracle my husband and I are still happily married because the way it seems we did everything wrong a couple can do wrong.

What did we have in common when we met? Nothing at first glance, we didn’t even speak the same language. He didn’t understand German or the Austrian dialect I spoke, and my English was almost non-existing. We came from different continents and different backgrounds. We didn’t have the same traditions -not even the food we cooked and ate was the same. We could have not been more different, yet, somehow we complete each other in a way that cannot easily be explained.

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“You had to kill this child, I know”

I start writing a comment, and what was supposed to be just a simple reply, started to get a life of its own and it got longer and longer -to the point that I was writing a blog post. The old saying


brought back memories and so it began. My fingers connected with my brain, and the thoughts started flowing right into the keyboard. The COMMENT got longer and more personal.

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Thank You Internet!

LOVE & PEACE: Life WITHOUT Internet Connection.

Oh, my dear internet! Thank you for making my life easier! Telephone books, street maps, encyclopedias, DVDs, and postcards have disappeared. Gone are the days when a TV station asked me to sit in front of the television at 8 p.m. sharp, now I am getting fed the news by headlines faster than I can digest them. Gone are the times when program makers teased me about having to wait a week for my favorite series to continue. Today I decide what, when and where I watch. With the help of my phone, or tablet I could even binge-watch sitting on our storage shed – just in case I ever feel like it.

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I Love The Broken Ones…Too

Rust and a wilted rose strike me as a perfect composition.

The more pictures I take, the more am I surprised by my taste. Is it even a taste if you like things that are broken, or does it mirror my character, because in real life I fight frantically for the underdog, the broken ones, the forgotten, the minorities, the overlooked, the misjudged.

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