Covid? Why do you spare me?

Satireknight Rants - The Top Ways Twilight Pisses Me Off

“Don’t ever smoke,” that was the warning I got from my doctor when I was just a little girl. He had come on a house visit to our farm, I had been sent home sick with bronchitis -again. Ever since I can remember, I came down with a severe upper respiratory infection and/or bronchitis at least once a year. Three times that I know off, it turned into pneumonia.

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Mea Culpa! My Fault and Yours

A ten-year-old kindhearted boy, explains his actions, “Be nice to people, because not a lot of people in this world are nice.” What an unbelievably sad statement coming from a kid, and how true it is. Look at us! We are judgmental and superficial. We seem to have the right to offend, and we use it. While active on social media, many of us are hostile in real life.

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About Dying and Living

Don't let age change you, change the way you age”

I met her when she was in her late 80’s and fell instantly in love with the fragile-looking, stubborn, old Lady, who happened to be our new neighbor.

One of our dogs started barking at her through the fence, just a few days after we had moved in. I was ready to scold the dog when I heard the old lady talk to it. “It’s nice meeting you too. You are just saying hello to me, aren’t you.” Our dog, a shepherd-chow mix, stopped barking, sat down and the two had a conversation. One talked about her flowers, and the weather, our dog listened. From that day on they always met on the fence line.

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