Cutting Loose

It was a Michael Jackson concert, somewhere in Europe in the 80s, and the people around me went wild. They danced, they screamed, and they let go of whatever they had bottled up inside. Yet, I couldn’t.

I enjoyed the concert. I clapped, I sang, and I moved to the music, but I never let loose.

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Out Here On My Own

1983, I sat in my little apartment in Vienna, Austria, and listened to a song I didn’t fully understand. My Grandma had passed away and without any family or friends, I was out there on my own. I didn’t know the big city, and the University of Vienna overwhelmed me. I was a young adult, very insecure and uncertain of my future. Equipped with invisible wings but afraid to fly.

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Dear Customer! Sorry but it’s 1 star only!

When I have time to worry about being too busy, perhaps I am not as busy as I thought I would be? How can I possibly have time to write a blog post -yet here I am. The end of the year is the busiest time of the year for me. All my customers want their projects back in their homes before the holidays and nowadays -I am not sure how and when it happened- the holiday season starts already before Halloween.

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