When Karma Kisses You On The Forehead

When you are married for a long time, you act out the different roles life gives you. We start as friends and lovers, become partners and spouses, and sometimes even caretakers. We make it through weddings and funerals, we celebrate success and we share losses and defeat.

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I did it!

For the last three months, I have worked like a mad woman with only one goal in mind, a new commercial sewing machine. My old one had waved the white flag by the end of last year and right now I do my ‘magic’ on a loaner machine I could borrow from one of my former students.

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Cutting Loose

It was a Michael Jackson concert, somewhere in Europe in the 80s, and the people around me went wild. They danced, they screamed, and they let go of whatever they had bottled up inside. Yet, I couldn’t.

I enjoyed the concert. I clapped, I sang, and I moved to the music, but I never let loose.

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