Dear Media and Press! Enough bad Journalism for one Election




I remember the time when we got our first TV in the 70’s. It was a showcase, a decoration piece in our living room; we only turned it on in the evenings.  There weren’t too many channels back then, we had ORF I and II, the Austrian TV stations, we could get the German channels ZDF and ARD on clear days and we watched Rai the Italian TV station. Continue reading


Trump and the Media – An European Article

Donald Trump campaigns for the Iowa Caucus

The Nachrichten Magazine “Der Spiegel” posted an interesting article about Trump today and with their friendly permission, I would like to post it here on my blog, because they nailed it…our media failed.

Forbes writer Clare O’Connor? “Dummy.” AP reporter Jill Colvin? “One of the truly bad reporters.” CNN Journalist Sara Murray? “Absolutely terrible.” Arianna Huffington? “Liberal clown.” Fox moderator Megyn Kelly? “A bimbo” with “blood coming out of her wherever.” Continue reading

Pictures can speak louder than words.


I liked to draw pictures when I was a child. I wasn’t any good at it, but that didn’t stop me from doing so. My drawings were always full of life and colors; they told beautiful stories of dogs, cats, cows and roosters. I drew pictures of our farm with green fields, beautiful trees and gigantic flowers. No matter what I drew, there was always a smiling sun in the corner. Continue reading

Buy one gun right now and get the other one for free! Hurry it’s a limited offer.

mass shootings 2

I was a little bit under the weather this week and had to take it easy. I worked only a few hours in the morning and spent the rest of the day cuddled up under a blanket in the living room. I had enough time to catch up with all my favorite shows and I watched the news. One lady mentioned the latest mass shooting in California and I sighed, “Another one,” I thought and I didn’t really feel like watching.  Continue reading