The most powerful commercial I have seen

Many of you don’t like to watch YouTube videos on blogs and I don’t blame you, I have mixed feeling about them myself, but I would like to convince YOU to watch this one, please.  Continue reading


What I have in common with Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey, one of the founding members of the Eagles. I did’t now we had something in common.

I wanted to write about this since a while, but I never really found the right words, so I kicked the can down the road. This week I heard the sad news about Glenn Frey’s death and that gave me the motivation I needed to write about it. I didn’t even know that Glenn, a founding member of the Eagles, was sick and tortured by the same evil disease. Continue reading

The Demons of Past and Future~!


There was a time in my life, when I thought about the past a lot. I sat there for hours, days and weeks, trying to find the answers to all the questions that I had. I wanted answers and explanations about many things that had happened in my life, but most of all about my parents. I was convinced that many things would be different, if my past would have been different. Continue reading

Go and shuffle it~!


This is what we need, another pill to pop. What a brilliant suggestion! Most of us already swallow too many pills the way it is. Here is a pill to lose weight; here is a pill to give up smoking. Here is a pill for you to go to the bathroom, here is a pill for you to stay out of the bathroom and let’s not forget our most beloved antibiotic, which we take for almost everything these days. Continue reading