The Conscience of an Ex-smoker

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We both have been sick for weeks -three weeks to be exact. We both had a cold that just lingered a bit longer than usual. I could hear my husband cough in his sleep and he said the same about me the next morning. We both finally took time off work, that’s something we rarely do.  Continue reading


A Killer in Disguise~!


This is a post for a friend of mine, who has been told he has to stop smoking by his doctor. He is a handsome, young man with a few health issues that can be controlled, but smoking works against him. I can only imagine how much harder it must be to stop against your will. This one is for you Eric 🙂
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Clean up your butt~!

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I was aware of the problem, I did see them too. I didn’t like it, but I never thought about it too much, after all I was a smoker myself. I wasn’t that bad, but I have to admit I flicked them now and then as well. I was careful in my own yard, kept an ashtray in the car and never left one behind when I was walking or hiking. But…I too flicked them now and then. Continue reading

Save your money honey!


Nicotine addicts aka smokers can get a lot of help these days. There are numerous free webpages available with lots of information, tips and tricks on how to quit smoking. Books, videos and pamphlets are available for free, to everybody who is serious about quitting. Almost every country offers free government pages and help as well, you would think we covered all the bases. Continue reading