This One’s For the Girls!

Lilac bra lace pattern

When I tried to find homes for my donation face mask, I called numerous shelters and soup kitchens. My “Buy one/Give one” face mask campaign had been a big success. I had sewn and sold more face masks than I had hoped for, but now holding up my end of the bargain was not as simple as I had thought it would be. Continue reading

A Building Permit for a Wall

Image result for pergola painting

We live in an older community governed by a homeowners association.  In order to build an add-on structure such as a pergola, I have to get a detailed building plan that is compliant with the city codes.  I can’t just say that I need a pergola and get the project approved. Continue reading

Government Shut Down – A Wall and Immigration

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One hundred years of films about the immigrant experience reveal the split personality of modern living

You would think the whole Government is closed during a Government shutdown but sadly, that’s not the case. Of course, politicians still receive their pay, while some of the real public servants go home without a paycheck-at least for the moment. I will never understand the logic behind it, I doubt anybody does.  Continue reading

Knock, knock writing challenge~! Week #5

special 1

I am not sure if it’s a sign of aging, or if I just put too much on my plate this week, but I forgot my own writing challenge. Bummer~!

This weeks challenge is a little bit different:

Look into your archive and share a post with me and all of us, that means a lot to you. Why do you like it so much and why is it special to you?

Please don’t forget to link to this post. You can leave a link in the comment section or just a ping back in your post.

Here are this weeks entrees:

Knock, Knock prompt by Daily Musings

The meaning of everything by Serendipity

Becalmed by Impromptu Promptlings

Bedtimestory by Morpethroad

Circardian Verse Non-pareil by Judy Dykstra-Brown

One more day by La Duchess d’Erat