The Alert I did not see coming!

Cosmopolitan Ethic in Action | The Daily Star

It’s not the first time I hear the loud sound coming from my phone. The noise, originally designed to wake up station equipment before the appearance of the modern modem-based SAME system, has the purpose of being so unearthly and metallic that you immediately stopped what you’re doing and pay attention to the radio, TV or cell phone. Continue reading

The Power of Fear

Fear is powerful beyond measure. When we are afraid we pull back. I hope I will go to bed tonight without any fear of tomorrow.

Myths of the Mirror


“Fear,” the man said. “Fear has long, fine fingers.”

Grigor Phelan found fear intriguing, full of subtleties, an art form one contemplated because nothing of its shape or color or texture was what it appeared. Fear spanned a spectrum from the subtle edge of respect to unbounded terror, and he was most attracted to what lay in between, in the murky hues of human sentiment. He was charmed by the guises of fear, how it hid itself from its host, how it crouched on the rim of consciousness. Like a child’s kaleidoscope, fear proved changeable, multi-faceted, and often lovely as it turned. It might wear the face of generosity or compassion, decency or loyalty, adoration or threat. It could be manipulated by the most benign of words or actions, or pace like a wolf at the edge of a nightfire, seeking a way in.  (Myths of the Mirror

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