Run to the Rescue with Love and Peace will Follow!

The Oscars and I have broken up years ago, not sure what happened between us, I suppose we were tired of each other, had different points of views, had drifted apart over time. Yet, here I find myself being mesmerized by an Oscar acceptance speech. A voice for the voiceless. Continue reading

Right in my face – I was a hypocrite



I never thought about myself as being a hypocrite. I am not one of the people, who act like they care about the environment, but go around littering all over the place. I am a straight shooter -so to speak- I say what I mean and worse, I mean what I say. Continue reading

Laughing with hoops~!


We went to the circus when I was a kid and I loved it. I loved everything about it. The smell, the horses, the acrobats and the clown who made me laugh so hard. Then, later on, when I grew up I refused to go to the circus…any circus. I feel that animals, small and big, shouldn’t be held in a cage for our amusement. I don’t go to a zoo and for sure not to a circus. I don’t want to see animals being held in captivity, it’s as simple as that. Continue reading

Animals don’t smoke!!!!!!!!!


If you thought that tobacco companies didn’t still fund or conduct cruel experiments on animals, you were wrong. In fact, two of the world’s largest companies still do painful, archaic, and irrelevant tobacco tests on animals even though they aren’t required by law and even though superior non-animal testing methods are readily available. Continue reading