Christmas Liquor – Gifts Homemade

Our farm was with one foot in Italy, so Italian food and liquors could be found in our fridge and cellar all year around. I grew up enjoying the Austrian-Hungarian meals at home, and appreciated the German cooking during the week, even though it was in a boarding school, and some of the food they served seemed highly questionable.

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Life with Religion, or without? And does it matter?

Growing up in a small village in the mountains of Austria, I was raised Roman Catholic. We went to church on Sunday, because everyone else went to church. My grandma carved a cross on the back of every freshly baked bread loaf before she cut into it, and we bend our heads down before we ate, to either quietly say grace or give others the time to do so.

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Who am I?

Layers like an onion?

I have noticed some new names and faces on my blog, and I am flattered. The connection and communication with follow boggers are wonderful. I do wonder did you connect with me after you had just read one of my silly sarcastic posts, or did you decide to read my future rants and vents after I just had blown off some steam -again?

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Christmas in Tyrol, Austria

Weihnachten in den Alpen - Alpenweit Magazin
Frohe Weihnachten – Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël – Feliz Natal – Feliz Navidad – Buon Natale

While much is the same, some customs and traditions in Austria are different. Christmas at home was special. I have so many great memories. What an amazing childhood I had. I was fortunate to spend twelve wonderful years with my Grandma on our farm, and now looking back, I could fill books with stories and anecdotes.

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Christmas 1946 – An Austrian Christmas Song

The Austrian Alps in the background, a Christmas song in a dialect our neighbors the Germans cannot understand, even though we talk the same language. The dialect of the mountains, soft and harsh at the same time, comforting to the ear and still, oh, so familiar to me. The song tells about Christmas 1946, during a time when the world was at war. And while you might not understand, listen to the music and read the lyrics and you will quickly understand why I love this Christmas song so much.

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A Christmas Duck and a Cold Oven

Ente à la Fräulein Jensen

If you want to enjoy a great roasted duck, you either call a Chinese restaurant and order a whole Peking duck for take-out, or you roast one yourself at home. The trick to a superb Christmas duck is to put it in the cold oven, an old, famous Danish recipe, which originally did not include alcohol. We enjoyed our Austrian duck roasted like this every year, and to this day, I have not changed a thing.

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