Italy – Austria – Germany – USA and then some

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I was raised right between Italy and Austria. “So, where did you go to school,” people often asked me and my answer confused them even more. I went to school in the South of Germany, three hours away from the small village that I called home. Like life wasn’t complicated enough the way it was.  Continue reading

I loved my Grandmother. But she was a Nazi – Article in the New York Times

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“We didn’t know.” That’s the statement I often got when I asked about Hitler. Just the ones who had helped or resisted, those were the ones who apparently had known. People like my Grandfather, who was held as a political prisoner in a concentration camp, he knew, he had seen it.  Continue reading

Austrian Cinnamon Star Cookies


Cinnamon star cookies (Zimtsterne) are a traditional part of the Holiday Season in Austria and Germany. Cinnamon and almonds taste great together; the smell of the cookie in the oven is mouthwatering. The history of the cookie is interesting as well. Cinnamon was a rare and rather expensive spice in Europe, and almonds had to be imported. Only the rich and Royals could afford both throughout the year. Ordinary people used cinnamon and almonds only for once-a-year festivals such as Christmas.  Continue reading

Doing the right thing can hurt like hell

doing the right thing

Playing in ice and snow is normal where I come from. We were outside kids and not even snow and freezing temperatures could change that.

We climbed up the mountains with our skies, or went for a sleigh ride on an old inner tube. We build snow walls and ramps and were dreaming of becoming famous ski jumpers, because we all had been born with skies on our feet…so they say. Continue reading