The British Baking Show and The Austrian Memories

The Great British Baking Show Is So Bloody Relaxing

Watching The British Baking Show on Netflix brings back so many memories of cakes, pies, and Torten my Grandma used to make. Turns out they actually have names, and it’s not just the pear-thing-with the-funny-shape I remember eating as a child. Pastries from the UK, Belgium, Poland and the rest of the world -even Austria where I happen to be from- are introduced in the baking competition, and I am having a good time watching it.

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Austrian Cinnamon Star Cookies


Cinnamon star cookies (Zimtsterne) are a traditional part of the Holiday Season in Austria and Germany. Cinnamon and almonds taste great together; the smell of the cookie in the oven is mouthwatering. The history of the cookie is interesting as well. Cinnamon was a rare and rather expensive spice in Europe, and almonds had to be imported. Only the rich and Royals could afford both throughout the year. Ordinary people used cinnamon and almonds only for once-a-year festivals such as Christmas.  Continue reading

Let’s bake a Salad!


Salad cake 5

The 4th of July is just around the corner; there will be get-togethers, picknicks and BBQ’s. What do we provide to eat? What do we bring? I always try to offer a side salad, but somehow it never turns out right. How do you serve a salad for lots of people and make it look good for hours? I made a mixed salad and served it in a big bowl. It looked nice for a while until people started to dig in; tossing and turning, trying to get what they liked -leaving behind a mess that nobody wanted anymore. Continue reading