Click Like – Don’t read!


The other day, when a blogger posted a picture of her toes, I knew it was time to rethink this blogging thing -again. At a time, when we are stuck at home and I should be wanting to read blogs, I found myself scrolling through my reader, clicking LIKE just because it’s the right thing to do. Three or four bloggers still get comments from me. Only one or two I actually still read. The rest?

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Dear WordPress

Diving Into the New Gutenberg WordPress Editor (Pros and Cons)

Here we go again! Without having a choice, you force me now to accept unwillingly the new Gutenberg WordPress editor and while I try to be as open-minded as I possibly can be, I find myself not liking it right from the start – just because of the way you stuffed it rudely down my throat.

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Are all Bloggers Narcissists?

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It’s not the connection, blogging draws us back because we feel the need to share. We want to show our photos, write our stories. We need the audience. No more quiet diaries or forgotten photo albums, now we share with whoever is willing to read and look. Blogging pets our narcissistic soul. πŸ™‚

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When Twitter Drove her to the Brink of Insanity

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I don’t know if Gift-Work is a new blog, or perhaps just an older blog with fewer followers and readers and to be honest, to me it doesn’t matter. The blog is new to me and I liked what I read. Since I don’t believe in reblogging too much, I will now full intentionally steal part of the content, to make you want to read more and I hope, I will be forgiven. I also hope I will succeed! Continue reading