One Bar Closer to Humanity

A while back a blogger wrote about the difference between Facebook and the blogging world. She praised the HONESTY in the blogging world, and I couldn’t help but wince inside. Ever since I have not participated much, had to rethink my stand in the virtual world. Continue reading

You just became SPAM and I altered your comment.

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Well my friend, thanks to the designers at WordPress, who -in their infinite wisdom- have once again come up with totally unnecessary changes, I just threw your comment into the spam-abyss by accident. I suppose they are trying to check if I pay attention? And the answer to this question is a heartfelt, “Heck, No.” Continue reading

4 Years – 1000 posts and $8,760 missing

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Finally, my computer is back up and running. No more typing with tiny buttons on phone or tablet. Looking at a screen without reading glasses feels so much better.

I reinstalled my old calendar program and today in the morning an anniversary firework popped up. As usual, I would have forgotten, but today is my 4-year quit- anniversary. Smoke-free for 4 years and $8.760 saved, which I just can’t find.  Continue reading