No Chocolate in Heaven?

chocolate heaven on Twitter: "Let the Season begin - Cashiers Farmers  Market has opened! Stop in, say Hi and pick up a Chocolate Heaven (and  their famous BBQ) today!"

We are supposed to be back to normal, but I don’t feel normal. Do I ever?

I sleep like a rock, wake up tired and feel congested, but other than that it seems we are ready to move on. I haven’t dressed in two weeks. I mean, yes, I have covered my body with clothes, but pretty much jumped from one pajama to the next. “Leopard is the new black” is my favorite one, it’s so cozy and soft, I want to be buried in it if I would want to be buried to begin with.

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The Secret of Sharing

kids sharing

“That’s not fair, he got the bigger piece,” she looked at me and she was almost crying. It was true, he had the bigger piece and once again I became the referee in a sibling’s rivalry.

It’s always the same when these two come to visit me. Spider and her brother love each other dearly, but they can fight like cats and dogs over small stuff. They are neighbor kids and they love to stop by my workshop.  Continue reading