Silence is Compliance


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I miss our religious leaders to condemn what happened in Charlottesville. I want to hear them condemn racism, hate and white supremacy. I want to hear an uproar from the smallest church up to the biggest cathedral. I want them to condemn racism, hate, and bigotry once and for all. Continue reading

Blast From The Past – About Religion, Acceptance And Love


I am not a big reblogger, but this one deserves it. A good post about religion and acceptance should be in the word press discovery reader. Why is it not?
Well here you go:

A Momma's View

I often think that talking or writing about religion is a hot iron. Opinions are strong when it comes to that subject. And yet it’s something that affects and moves all of us in one way or another. Here’s a blast from the past about some of my thoughts in regards to religion, acceptance and the love we should share.

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You shall not lie Ms Davis~!


The elected country clerk, three time divorcee and newborn Christian, Kim Davis, who had spend five days in jail, because she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, met the Pope in a private meeting. I read the headline in disbelieve…of all the people in this country, why in the world would Pope Francis meet with Ms. Davis in a private meeting? Don’t we have better hypocrites than her? Continue reading