The British Baking Show and The Austrian Memories

The Great British Baking Show Is So Bloody Relaxing

Watching The British Baking Show on Netflix brings back so many memories of cakes, pies, and Torten my Grandma used to make. Turns out they actually have names, and it’s not just the pear-thing-with the-funny-shape I remember eating as a child. Pastries from the UK, Belgium, Poland and the rest of the world -even Austria where I happen to be from- are introduced in the baking competition, and I am having a good time watching it.

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Lets go guys…


When I still smoked I had a rather unhealthy morning routine. There was the “morning hack” aka smoker’s cough, but of course that’s not what I had…at least not officially. I called it a “sinus problem”, because I didn’t want to admit the truth, but nevertheless, it was part of my early morning routine. Coughing and trying to breeze normally, it took some time. Continue reading