Mr. Ladybug calls it quits


We were both smokers when we met and continued to smoke together throughout the years. We huddled up in front of a heater or a grill in the wintertime and sweat together in the summer time. For richer and poorer, through cold and heat-we were were a smoking team…and then I quit. Continue reading

2014 in review…what a surprise!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog…and I might as well share it. I decided to stay away from my stats as much as possible. I didn’t start blogging for the numbers. To be honest I didn’t expect any numbers. Here I am, the social media dinosaur, refusing to use Facebook, twitter or other funny stuff…writing a blog about how I quit smoking. My dream was to pay it forward…but to whom? I expected one or two guests…if even. How would people find me? I ignored all the logical questions and started blogging anyway. I wrote my first post in May 2014 and became a blogger…against the odds :-). Continue reading

Dog or car…

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Everybody who smoked once will remember the awful moments, when we looked around and realized that we were out of cigarettes. That’s a smoker’s nightmare. We start to search in pockets and purses, we open drawers and hope to find somewhere another pack. “This can’t be…we can’t be out”.

Every time this  happened I wanted one even more. Just the plain thought about not being able to smoke drove me crazy, almost like a panic attack. Continue reading

And now I can back it up…tadahhhh



Most smokers have tried to quit smoking at least 2 or 3 times in their lifetime! Some of them succeeded and live now a healthier life as ex-smokers…some of them gave up and went back to smoking. Still they would like to quit one day…but don’t really know how.

As I said yesterday..cold turkey is the way to go and now I can back it up with actual numbers…tadahhhhhhhh ! Continue reading