Antipasto – The Dinner Overture

Antipasto is like the overture to the opera, it announces that something special is about to begin. The colors, the smell, the artful compositions remind us that it is time for pleasure now; time for relaxation and indulgence, time for the Italian meal.  Continue reading

Italy – Austria – Germany – USA and then some

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I was raised right between Italy and Austria. “So, where did you go to school,” people often asked me and my answer confused them even more. I went to school in the South of Germany, three hours away from the small village that I called home. Like life wasn’t complicated enough the way it was.  Continue reading

Heavenly Pancakes

pancakes with salad

I love pancakes, especially the thin European pancakes.  I use them like I would use a flatbread and put my salad on top of it for a quick lunch. I make pizza pancakes or fill them with leftovers; if I have a sweet tooth, I use my jams or fruits.

pancake with strawberry jam

Rolled up with homemade Strawberry jam

I use the same basic recipe since I started cooking, but somehow they pancakes turned out differently, and it startled me. How could that be? Sometimes I had a fluffy and light pancake, other times a heavy pancake -still eatable, but different! I didn’t change the ingredients, so there had to be a logical explanation. I made the flour responsible for the consistency of the pancakes, or the eggs -something had to get the blame.

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