Christmas in Covid

Kim Basinger Pens Moving Poem About Christmas amid COVID-19 |

There is a very special place
that has no particular choice of race,
of color, creed or religious faith.
No sex or age discrimination
just a firm and solid determination
to invite you into the dancing hall
where beds are lined up against the wall
and nice people offer more than any
to make you feel like you’re in the Land of Plenty.

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The Apocalypse


This is the apocalypse
A daffodil has poked its head up
from the dirt and opened
sunny arms to bluer skies
yet I am filled with
dark and anxious dread
as theaters close as travel ends and
grocery stores display their empty rows
where toilet paper liquid bleach
and bags of flour stood in upright ranks. Continue reading

What I have in common with Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey, one of the founding members of the Eagles. I did’t now we had something in common.

I wanted to write about this since a while, but I never really found the right words, so I kicked the can down the road. This week I heard the sad news about Glenn Frey’s death and that gave me the motivation I needed to write about it. I didn’t even know that Glenn, a founding member of the Eagles, was sick and tortured by the same evil disease. Continue reading

Beat it


A month, not even a month. My next doctors appointment is on June 15th and I am anxious. I want to know, if I am on the right track. I feel that I am and hope the results then will back me up. See, my doctors don’t know that I took myself of the medications, I decided not to tell them. I won’t tell them right away either, when I will sit in their office in June. I want to see what they have to say first. I want to see the results of the tests and blood work first. I want to know, if I made progress or if things got worse. If they got worse, well. then I screwed up….big time. But I don’t think so.  Continue reading