2020 – Bras, Antiques and Face Masks

Dave Barry's Year in Review 2020 - The Washington Post

On the last day of 2020, I would like to share part of my life on my blog. 2020 has not been bad for me -far from it. I made interesting discoveries and my workrooms were messier than ever. I learned to sew face masks, made my husband my sewing apprentice, and before we knew what hit us we were were sewing, selling, and donating masks left and right. I started to collect bras.

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It feels like a Thousand Bucks~!

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The last months have been hard financially, we had unplanned repairs and expenses left and right, we just couldn’t catch a break. Every time we thought we were¬†caught up, something else happened and things that we had planned or wished for had to be postponed again and again. Continue reading