I get you (not) my Pretty!

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I am in self-isolation and allow myself only one hour of news a day. Sadly it doesn’t take more than two minutes to be all confused.

Big news today! No more testing in New York and Los Angeles -the biggest cities in the U.S. by population. Only the healthcare personnel and first-responders are being tested -which I understand. Why we don’t have enough tests available to test everybody. That’s something I will never understand. Continue reading

Congratulations Australia~!

Malcolm Turnbull

I never knew too much about Australian politics, that changed when I started blogging. Blogging made my world smaller, so it seems. All of a sudden I had friends in Australia and politics was a subject, were they all became very “talkative” in their blogs. I could read between the lines that most of them had foam around their mouth and smoke coming out of their ears, when they talked about Prime mister Tony Abbott. The few Australian curse words that I learned, will come in handy if I will ever visit Australia. Continue reading