Groove or Horse Hockey?

“They are right up my alley,” I said, softly swinging from one side to the other in my chair. Shoulder rolling, half-closed eyes, and all the other things this kind of music makes me do. “They have the groove,” I said and my husband laughed.

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Born a Racist – Changed by Life Part II

Sprachreisen Englang - Sprachreise London - Sprachreisen ...

“You are going to England for the summer,” my Grandma surprised me and she would spend my favorite time of the year with two children from Italy. She had been given a pamphlet of EF a student summer exchange program -which is still existing to this day. She had liked the idea to send me off so it seems because she had signed up for it months before. Continue reading

Grammarly…my newest toy!



My newest toy is a free program called “Grammarly” -an extension to Google Chrome. The word “free” is a magical world to me, I got curious and had to download it.  I mean come on, why wouldn’t I do that, it doesn’t cost a thing? (What can I say, I am cheap but not easy). Better grammar, better punctuation, and a spell check for everything I write online…yeah Baby, you just can’t top that! Continue reading

Time is up?

sand clock

Oh Boy is it time already? Is my time up? Does that mean last year was the last year on this wonderful, crazy planet or does it mean this year is the last year of my life? Now I am all confused. Maybe I read the question wrong. Nope, it says “from the last year of your life” very confusing. Continue reading