The Grass is Greener when it becomes a Straw

I couldn’t help myself and had to waste my money and order a re-usable straw. What a great idea, but not if you have only one. Come to find out, it was never ready to be used when I needed it. Either I was out and the straw was at home, or I was at home but the straw had decided to nap in my workroom.

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I am a Climate Killer too

Global Climate Change - Emily K. Grieves Art
I grew up in Austria, eating home-made granola bars and relying on my bicycle for transportation. Now I drink coffee out of a Styrofoam cup and eat my meals off of plastic plates. In America, there’s no way around it. It wasn’t actually my intention to destroy planet Earth but now, like all those around me, I am savoring the life of a climate killer.

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Flower or Weed?

april 2017 006

Our yard is a mess right now. The weather doesn’t help, it’s cloudy and cold. It had rained all night long, dirt had been washed on the walkways. Everything has turned green already and lots of it are weeds. Every year I pull them all and every year they come back -all of it. It’s a race or a competition, and I am not so sure if I will ever win.


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Clean up your butt~!

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I was aware of the problem, I did see them too. I didn’t like it, but I never thought about it too much, after all I was a smoker myself. I wasn’t that bad, but I have to admit I flicked them now and then as well. I was careful in my own yard, kept an ashtray in the car and never left one behind when I was walking or hiking. But…I too flicked them now and then. Continue reading