What country you asked?

Democracy by Sarah Yeoman Watercolor ~ x | Crow art, Watercolor bird, Art

Voices shouting, protesting, demanding to stop the count, fearing it might not go their way. What country you asked?

Please, don’t! It’s too embarrassing to admit. It does sound a bit like South America, or perhaps Eastern Europe in the 80’s, when most of them were still dancing to the music of Russia.

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Six Months


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The Wordless Wednesday picture I posted the day after the election

I still wake up and wish it all would be just a dream. Much has changed during the last six months. I still laugh a lot and giggle like a little girl, but there is also a sadness in me that you can often see -and hear- when I read or watch the news.  Continue reading

Tides on a Fairy Island

I was born in the alps in a small village, between Austria and Italy and the Adriatic Sea, even though it was only a 3-hour drive, seemed to be a million miles away from our farm. I had seen pictures and I couldn’t wait to see it real. Finally, we drove down toward Venice and I stood on the beach and looked at the ocean. As much as I loved the mountains, I felt drawn to the sea as well; I loved the water.  Continue reading