One Bar Closer to Humanity

A while back a blogger wrote about the difference between Facebook and the blogging world. She praised the HONESTY in the blogging world, and I couldn’t help but wince inside. Ever since I have not participated much, had to rethink my stand in the virtual world. Continue reading

The Internet – A Circus and a Battleground


“The internet has become a carefully controlled and heavily monitored illusion. It has turned into both a circus and battleground. Popularity is rigged and can be bought. Censorship is in full effect. Popular opinion is fabricated, and the perception of a viewpoint’s popularity is typically orchestrated and manipulated by legions of paid trolls. If you want to know the truth about somebody’s true popularity and influence, look to the streets. If you want to know if a person is really guilty or innocent, study the facts yourself. Never judge anybody based on what you see or read on the internet. Information can easily be manipulated by the push of a few buttons.” (Suzy Kassem)

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Beside the Point~!


I dislike the whole idea of paying it forward, because ever since that movie, many people go around and brag with what they have done. Receipts with a generous tip or a kind message get photographed and are being showed at Facebook and other social media sites. Paying it forward became a sport, a competition for many. It’s like people are under peer pressure “let me top what my neighbor just did.” Continue reading