Kal Ho Naa Ho

I wouldn’t want to see the future. Not my own and not the one of others. What, if I would take a look and the people I love wouldn’t be in it anymore? What, if I would see the future and it would be bad for me, for the ones I love or for all of us? That I would fear more than anything. For me it’s important to keep the hope up. Hope and optimism is part of my nature. If I would be able to glance into the future, I wouldn’t have a reason to hope anymore. Continue reading

The old man and Mr. Smith


I just finished reading a book again, that I read for the first time over 20 years ago. We had a community garage sale a few weeks back and I stopped at one of my neighbors house and there it was, the book that I wanted to read again was for sale on her table for 25 cents. I grabbed it quickly, couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I paid and held the book tight. Continue reading