Weight Loss Hell or Miracle from Heaven?

Weight watchers Memes

My neighbor just signed up for Weight Watchers and she is excited the same way she always is when she finds help on her never-ending weight loss journey. “I was a chubby child, an overweight adult and now I am an overweight older Grandma,” she says and then she tells me about her heavy bones, and how she was doomed to be overweight her whole life. “It’s genetic!”

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Happier with Less

Less Is The New More - One Secret No One Will Tell You

I have learned a lot about myself during the quarantine. I don’t need much to be happy. Strip me of my $7 coffee or tea, take the take-outs away, and I am still comfortable and content. The simpler life suits me just fine. Being at home with my husband, cooking every day, cleaning up together -declaring dishwashing part of his Physical Therapy, because he is still not allowed to lift anything that’s no heavier than a coffee cup. Continue reading