Thanksgiving – It was Different This Year

Twelve years ago, in 2010 -the first Thanksgiving after a couple of months of being houseless/homeless- was the last time I added grocery prices up the way I did this year. For whatever reason, this year I felt the same mix of emotions as I did back then.

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Give Me Two Weeks

Seven weeks have passed since I started the chemo-drug Methotrexate. Sadly, my dose has increased, which seems to be normal -a fact they didn’t share with me at first. Once a week, I meet the Nightingales, that’s what I call them. A form of endearment, a tribute to Florence Nightingale and all the others who followed in her footsteps, and take care of us when we need them the most.

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Happier with Less

Less Is The New More - One Secret No One Will Tell You

I have learned a lot about myself during the quarantine. I don’t need much to be happy. Strip me of my $7 coffee or tea, take the take-outs away, and I am still comfortable and content. The simpler life suits me just fine. Being at home with my husband, cooking every day, cleaning up together -declaring dishwashing part of his Physical Therapy, because he is still not allowed to lift anything that’s no heavier than a coffee cup. Continue reading