110,000 Ghosts are Backing me up!

Willful Ignorance - by Daniella Fishburne (America): Red Line Art ...

A lady walked into my workroom. I had been waiting on her, she had made an appointment a few days earlier. I stood behind my work surface, which puts automatically the required social distance in place. I wore my elephant mask with pride, while she wore nothing to protect herself -or me. Continue reading

When it Rains it Pours

I should write how it all makes me feel, yet I am lost for words. I didn’t expect a call like this, didn’t think I could be of any help, yet I was and it left me with mixed emotions.

Just like all the other stores and workshops in my line of business, they asked me as well. “Could you sew masks, no pay, we provide the material, but we are running out of 1/4″ elastic, perhaps you have some?” Continue reading