Because I said so!

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Imagine everybody would be an organ donor right from the start, with birth. Of course, people could still opt-out at any time. Just a short trip to city hall and you would be registered as a none-organ donor. Also, of course, family members would have the right to revoke your consent, or should I say BIRTHRIGHT, after a loved one died. Continue reading

Austrian Cinnamon Star Cookies


Cinnamon star cookies (Zimtsterne) are a traditional part of the Holiday Season in Austria and Germany. Cinnamon and almonds taste great together; the smell of the cookie in the oven is mouthwatering. The history of the cookie is interesting as well. Cinnamon was a rare and rather expensive spice in Europe, and almonds had to be imported. Only the rich and Royals could afford both throughout the year. Ordinary people used cinnamon and almonds only for once-a-year festivals such as Christmas.  Continue reading

Tides on a Fairy Island

I was born in the alps in a small village, between Austria and Italy and the Adriatic Sea, even though it was only a 3-hour drive, seemed to be a million miles away from our farm. I had seen pictures and I couldn’t wait to see it real. Finally, we drove down toward Venice and I stood on the beach and looked at the ocean. As much as I loved the mountains, I felt drawn to the sea as well; I loved the water.  Continue reading