The Alert I did not see coming!

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It’s not the first time I hear the loud sound coming from my phone. The noise, originally designed to wake up station equipment before the appearance of the modern modem-based SAME system, has the purpose of being so unearthly and metallic that you immediately stopped what you’re doing and pay attention to the radio, TV or cell phone. Continue reading

Meet the three sisters~!


I learned in school about Fate and didn’t really like what I heard. The Moirai or Fates were three goddesses, three sisters, who planned our life. Their names were Clotho, the one who spins the thread of life; Lachesis, she who draws the lots and determines how long one lives, by measuring the thread of life; and Atropos, the inevitable, she who chose how someone dies by cutting the thread of life with her shears. They were often described as being ugly and old women, stern and severe. Three days after a child was born, it was thought that the Moirai would visit the house to determine the child’s fate and life. The Moirai controlled the fates of both, morals and gods alike.

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Who is Mentor?


Today’s daily prompt asks us -again- if we ever had a mentor and what was the greatest lesson we have learned from him or her?

The  question made me wrinkle my forehead. I do that, when I find something a little bit odd. Odd is the fact, that this daily prompt is just another rerun, but although odd is the question itself. Why? Because we all had mentors throughout our lives, different people in different positions. Do I want to point one out? I really can’t, because they all have been looking out for me, in different ways and in different positions. Continue reading