About Trump, Coronavirus, Lies and Kindness

President Trump, Melania Trump have COVID-19, Trump tweets | 9news.com

My husband got up early today. I overslept a bit, opened my eyes slowly. It was cold in the bedroom, still dark outside. I sat up and turned on the news. My daily routine. I leave the TV on until I go downstairs. My daily dose of negativity, served in the morning ice-cold, to get it over with.

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We are on a diet -or not?


Like life isn’t complicated enough already, now we are on a diet, that’s what HE said. It’s my own fault. I left the scale in the living room and he stepped on it. It would have been smarter if I would have schlepped the heavy roll of fabric up the stairs to the bathroom, but no, I had to get the scale downstairs -to make my life easier- and by doing so I set up a chain reaction.  Continue reading

When it Rains it Pours

I should write how it all makes me feel, yet I am lost for words. I didn’t expect a call like this, didn’t think I could be of any help, yet I was and it left me with mixed emotions.

Just like all the other stores and workshops in my line of business, they asked me as well. “Could you sew masks, no pay, we provide the material, but we are running out of 1/4″ elastic, perhaps you have some?” Continue reading