I am a bad, bad blogger (?)


Something interesting happened yesterday to me in the blogging world, something, that might explain while I don’t see some bloggers anymore. I made a mistake and I have to say, I feel a little embarrassed. Embarrassed, because I didn’t follow the #1 blogging rule. I did not just not follow it, no, I bend it…broke it. I am a bad, bad blogger (I think that’s what I am suppose to say now.)

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Where is it?

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“Honey, have you seen my GPS system?” I couldn’t find it, looked everywhere. My husband shook his head. First I didn’t want a GPS system. What for? Then I fell in love with it and took it with me all the time. Helpful little device, when you are on the road…even though it doesn’t get it all. Turning into a drive-through is not an illegal u-turn, it’s legal and nesseccary. Continue reading