Run to the Rescue with Love and Peace will Follow!

The Oscars and I have broken up years ago, not sure what happened between us, I suppose we were tired of each other, had different points of views, had drifted apart over time. Yet, here I find myself being mesmerized by an Oscar acceptance speech. A voice for the voiceless. Continue reading

Think Again~!


I was in tears yesterday, when I saw the picture of the little, Syrian boy who had drowned. I was born and raised in Europe, I traveled the word. I saw people begging for shelter in a foreign country. My own Grandmother had to flee in WWI and found a new home in Austria, where I was born. I visited Africa, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. I am a first generation immigrant myself, a love immigrant through marriage to my husband. Refugees, migrants, immigrants…many names for people who have one wish only. The wish for a better life~! If this picture will not change the way we handle the situation worldwide, then nothing will. One of the easiest reblogs ever~!

A Momma's View

I’d like to tell you a story I’ve recently read and ask you how you feel. Please read and let me know.


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Three Years in Prison for Blogging

Thank you Mark for posting this today!!! I believe every blogger should sign Amnesty International’s petition >>>here<<< as we all are fortunate to practice our freedom of speech on our blogs every day. As you said “…this is a love for the truth that I sincerely believe will never be tested in my heart in my lifetime, because of the sheer dumb luck of being born when and where I was born.” This should not be forgotten, so please allow me a reblog.

The Gad About Town

Today is the third anniversary of Raif Badawi’s arrest and the beginning of his imprisonment in a Saudi Arabian jail. One thousand one hundred and nineteen days since he was taken from his wife, seen in the photo above, and their children. Many protests are planned for today at embassies around the world; English PEN delivered a letter to 10 Downing St. today demanding official help in securing his immediate release. It was accepted but not by PM Cameron.

The immigration minister of Québéc, where his wife and children live, granted him a special immigration certificate a few days ago, which is remarkable and kind and, should he be released, needed. Declaring him welcome will not pry him from prison, and Saudi Arabia has already officially complained about Québécois “meddling,” however.

Raif Badawi’s story has earned more and more media interest in the last week. First, the…

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