Let me Try to Understand

Vote! (Voter suppression) by Scott Sedar | Artwork Archive

A competitor is better than me. I am not sure how it happened, but all of a sudden he attracts the customers and while I am still busy -he is busier.

I don’t like the situation, wish I could do better, but it seems I am at my limit.

What to do? What to do?

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Where did My Laughter Go?

File:"Never Series" of postcards no. 100, Raphael Tuck & Sons' Dry Humor  (NBY 7976).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

When has it all changed so much, and why did I not get the memo? When has stand up comedy become so vulgar? When did they start to name the THINGS you should not name excessively and so openly?

It all started with Amy Schumer a while back. She was a rising star on the comedy sky and finally, one night – long after the rest of the world had already known her- my husband and I decided to watch one of her stand-up routines.

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No Chocolate in Heaven?

chocolate heaven on Twitter: "Let the Season begin - Cashiers Farmers  Market has opened! Stop in, say Hi and pick up a Chocolate Heaven (and  their famous BBQ) today!"

We are supposed to be back to normal, but I don’t feel normal. Do I ever?

I sleep like a rock, wake up tired and feel congested, but other than that it seems we are ready to move on. I haven’t dressed in two weeks. I mean, yes, I have covered my body with clothes, but pretty much jumped from one pajama to the next. “Leopard is the new black” is my favorite one, it’s so cozy and soft, I want to be buried in it if I would want to be buried to begin with.

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Self-isolation poster

It’s day #7 of our self-isolation after my husband tested positive for COVID-19. “Curse words fail me,” I texted to a friend the other day, and while it’s true, we are in good spirit. We managed to put our Christmas tree up and as always, the work was shared fair and square. My husband brought the tree down, which took him about five minutes and I spent three hours stringing the lights and placing the ornaments.

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