Ka-Ching and Recovery -Again!

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My husband is back home. He got released from the hospital 36 hrs after surgery. Finally, the long wait is over. Fourteen months after his accident, he had reversed shoulder replacement surgery – and all went well. Continue reading

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I love this picture. The father’s socks, the two different shoes the little girl is wearing. The doll on the potty, the hairclips in his hair, and of course his confident look.

It’s a series of pictures. Get ready for more!


Because I said so!

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Imagine everybody would be an organ donor right from the start, with birth. Of course, people could still opt-out at any time. Just a short trip to city hall and you would be registered as a none-organ donor. Also, of course, family members would have the right to revoke your consent, or should I say BIRTHRIGHT, after a loved one died. Continue reading