Bring in the tourists!


I think we were poor, but I really don’t know. We always had enough food, and I had clothes; we had livestock and fields with vegetables and fruits, our pantries and the cellar were stocked with jars and cans, but money was tight. Most farmers are not rich; they are just getting by, and we were no exception.

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Share your world 2016 Week 3

share my world

What is your favorite piece of art? (it doesn’t have to be famous)

I bought this picture at a thrift store, for a the outrages amount of $7. I fell in love with it and it hangs since years in our living room. I wish I could make out the artists signature, because I would like to have more information about the picture and the painter. I think it’s a very unusual piece of art and I would like to know what the painter had in mind.  Continue reading

Cows and chickens everywhere~!

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I was raised on a farm in Austria, right on the boarder to Italy in a beautiful, idyllic mountain village. We had some cows, sheep’s and pigs and chickens everywhere. A farmers day starts early in the morning and doesn’t end before late at night. Everybody is needed -no exceptions, there is always something to do. We had acres of fruits trees and fields with potatoes and corn. Grass had to be mowed, fences had to be repaired and fruits had to be picked. The farms were not in calling distance; we had to drive to our neighbor’s house. Continue reading

Be careful what you wish for~!


Yes of course, I tossed a coin in that damn fountain and made a wish. It was my first vacation alone. I had driven to Rome all by myself in the old, cancer eaten Beetle I had back then. I had studied Latin in school, had learned everything there is to know about the Roman Empire and the politics back then and now, for the first time, I was visiting the city of my dreams and walking the old roads that had made so much history. I was 18 years old and an adult, so they said. Continue reading