It’s Raining Inside

I am not in the best of moods, to be honest, I am upset, grumpy, and sad, a bit confused as well. I don’t like to feel that way, it’s not how I normally am. I still laugh and I joke around, but it’s half-heartedly at the moment and that’s alright.

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Who am I?

Layers like an onion?

I have noticed some new names and faces on my blog, and I am flattered. The connection and communication with follow boggers are wonderful. I do wonder did you connect with me after you had just read one of my silly sarcastic posts, or did you decide to read my future rants and vents after I just had blown off some steam -again?

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An Old Wiener Dog

The On-Line Buzzletter: Update: Our 16 Year Old Dachshund is Drinking Water  Obsessively

Last week I met an older lady and her senior Wiener dog. She had brought the dog with her, “He doesn’t like waiting in the car,” she informed me and I told her it was fine with me. Our dogs were sleeping somewhere in the house.

“What’s his name,” I asked her and started padding the dog.


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