God made me like this

According To Greek Mythology Humans Were Originally | Greek mythology,  Mythology poetry, Greek myths

The other day my neighbor told me God made me like THIS -not sure what exactly she meant by THIS, but I suppose there must be some THIS in me, to be worth talking about. It made me wonder. The day when God(s) decided to ‘make’ me, how exactly did that go? And my imagination went wild…

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Where did My Laughter Go?

File:"Never Series" of postcards no. 100, Raphael Tuck & Sons' Dry Humor  (NBY 7976).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

When has it all changed so much, and why did I not get the memo? When has stand up comedy become so vulgar? When did they start to name the THINGS you should not name excessively and so openly?

It all started with Amy Schumer a while back. She was a rising star on the comedy sky and finally, one night – long after the rest of the world had already known her- my husband and I decided to watch one of her stand-up routines.

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Happy 1st Birthday my Love

Boys first birthday smash cake....... | Baby birthday cakes, 1st birthday  cakes, One year birthday cake

Today in the morning we celebrated his 1st BAB (Birthday after bypass), the first of hopefully many more to come.

Last year right about the same time I am writing this, I was hiding in the chapel of the hospital, which amused a lot of people for months. No, the sky did not fall down on me, neither was I hit by lightning. It simply was the quietest place I could find, far away from nurses and doctors I was able to listen to music during a long time of waiting.

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