I am not happy, or perhaps I am?

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I’m not happy. I feel a genuine sense of heartbreak every single day. A lot of it has to do with me being hyper-observant and somewhat intelligent. Not meaning to toot my own horn, but there’s a threshold, I believe, where too much knowledge, too much awareness, too much understanding makes it literally impossible to attain a state of happiness. Continue reading

Another State of the Union Campaign!

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I made it through the State of the Union address last night. The speech itself was a typical Trump speech, which means it wasn’t a speech at all. It was the same as always, a Trump celebration full of alternative facts. Sorry, this is too good to let go!

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Welcome to the new Superbowl

NFL refereesKyle Shanahan, the coach of the San Francisco 49ers, walks to the middle of the field and shakes hands with Andy Reid, the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Fifty-seven cameras, 65,000 people in the stands, and 100 million people around the world eavesdrop.

Referee: Gentlemen, welcome to the Super Bowl. One thing I want to make clear before we start: The 49ers are going to win.

There’s a pause. Shanahan smiles.

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