Government Shut Down – A Wall and Immigration

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One hundred years of films about the immigrant experience reveal the split personality of modern living

You would think the whole Government is closed during a Government shutdown but sadly, that’s not the case. Of course, politicians still receive their pay, while some of the real public servants go home without a paycheck-at least for the moment. I will never understand the logic behind it, I doubt anybody does.  Continue reading

Thank You, Nancy Pelosi!

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Last night did not bring the dramatic shift I hoped for, but the Democrats took back the house and now they will provide the new house speaker. Nancy Pelosi (78) has said she will run for speaker again, but after 16 years at the top, I think it’s time for some changes. Continue reading

Proud to be a Woman!

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“Women can be anything they want to be,” my Grandmother told me when I was just a little girl, and it was quite a statement back in the 70’s. ANYTHING meant there was no limit. I could become an astronaut or a fireman; I could play soccer for a living or be a famous mountain climber, perhaps even lead a nation.

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