About Trump, Coronavirus, Lies and Kindness

President Trump, Melania Trump have COVID-19, Trump tweets | 9news.com

My husband got up early today. I overslept a bit, opened my eyes slowly. It was cold in the bedroom, still dark outside. I sat up and turned on the news. My daily routine. I leave the TV on until I go downstairs. My daily dose of negativity, served in the morning ice-cold, to get it over with.

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Trump is a Genius

How to know if i'm a genius - Quora

I never thought I would write that, but i bow with awe. Brilliant move. The President of the United Stated did not lie -as we all expected- but instead just downplayed the Covid-19 situation to keep us calm. How considerate of him. Very well played Mr. President!

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Heaven or Hell?


I am sitting on my desk as I do every Monday, write and answer emails, pay a few bills, because I have to and make a long to-do-list for the week ahead of me. The TV in my workroom is still on, I forgot to turn it off. Normally I would listen to music by now. I can’t take the news for too long anymore, can’t listen to it without mumbling my comments and talking to myself comes in handy these days. Continue reading