The Ultimate Question – When? Where?


What time and place would I travel to if there would be a time machine? My blogging friend Peter, from Peter’s pondering, asked me that question a while back, and as so often, I didn’t have an answer right away. However, I thought I found a clever way out because he had mentioned there would be no return and a one-way ticket in a time machine didn’t seem desirable at all.

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The Perfect Life

She walked into my workroom full of life. She was ready to learn as much as she possibly could in one week. I had agreed to give a 40-hour block class from Monday to Friday because the student was eager to learn my trade -the simple craft of furniture restoration and upholstery. She had flattered me with her request. She came from out of state, an 8-hr drive. She stayed in a hotel nearby. How could I not be flattered? How could I possibly say NO to the money?

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Trading Jewelry for Flea Meds

I had spent all afternoon washing and wringing our clothes, and when our freshly cleaned laundry was hanging on the clothesline outside, I noticed the smell. The old, banged-up washer that had been given to us, wasn’t doing the job, and trying to do our laundry by hand wasn’t an ideal solution either. We needed to get a washer and dryer fast!

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